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Any advise to a brother who's on the search for a cheap fixed gear?

Don’t buy a cheap bike, buy a nice bike used off craigslist.

But other than that, it’s all up to your preference. For riding on roads I prefer a steel frame with track geometry. I would recomend a Mercier Kilo TT for someone who is looking to get into track bikes but not looking to spend a bunch of money. Brand new they’re $400 but like I said, you can find them on craigslist for a great price and a lot of times they might have some cool upgrades.

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Spatial object sculptures by Michael Johansson

At the mere mention of the word Tetris, the game’s catchy electro song begins blaring in our heads. Artist Michael Johansson’s precisely stacked sculptures made from ordinary objects induce the same internal Nintendo soundtrack. Using found objects like old computer screens, keyboards, cars and suitcases, the Swedish designer creates incredible geometric sculptures - both inside the gallery and jammed into site-specific space